Alwar by tempo traveller

Alwar by tempo traveller

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TAlwar by tempo travellerhere are numerous hypotheses about the determination of the name Alwar. The locale is known after its central station town of Alwar.according to an alternate school it was known as Aravalpur or the city of Aravali . It was in the past spelt as Ulwar however in the rule of Jey Singh the spelling was changed to Alwar.the District is placed in the north-east of rajasthan. the separation from delhi to Alwar is 146 km .It is limited on the north and north-east by Gurgaon .You can hire or rent a tempo traveller from for your tour to Alwar by tempo traveller. Just provide us your details at [email protected] or call us at 09266617171 for booking of tempo traveller. There are additionally various sanctuaries in Rajasthan. These spots are gone to by extensive number of voyagers. They are really a bit of compositional wonder. These fortification and castles in Alwar are an incredible approach to get mindful of the rich social legacy of the spot.

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Distance Chart to near by place from Alwar by Tempo Traveller

Delhi to Alwar tempo traveller 2 hours 20 mins 159 km
Jaipur to Alwar tempo traveller 2 hours 26 mins 153 km
Chandigarh to Alwar tempo traveller 6 hours 30 mins 413 km
Ajmer to Alwar tempo traveller 3 hours 53 mins 277 km
Aligarh to Alwar tempo traveller 2 hours 57 mins 176 km
Gwalior to Alwar tempo traveller 4 hours 10 mins 255 km
Agra to Alwar tempo traveller 2 hours 44 mins 168 km
Shri Mahavir Ji to Alwar tempo traveller 2 hours 27 mins 138 km
Siliserh to Alwar tempo traveller 27 mins 17.0 km
Neemrana to Alwar tempo traveller 1 hour 11 mins 74.0 km

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