Bharatpur by tempo traveller

Bharatpur by tempo traveller

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Bharatpur is an attractive tourist destination. Any type of bird you can se in bharatpur sanctuary-the Keoladeo Ghana National Park – finest in Asia rich avian variety. If you want to visit bharatpur the best time to visit bharatpur is October and November in winters and February and march in summers. The distance for delhi to bharatpur is 197. 491km. our luxury tempo travelers which includes 9 seater tempo travellers , 12 seater tempo traveller and 15 seater tempo traveller are best option to explore bharatpur by tempo traveller if travelling in a group.

Bharatpur by tempo traveller would be a lavish journey and more places like keoladeo ghanga sanctuary, it is famous for rare avian species. It is an ideal terrain for migratory birds. Visitors are required to obtain a permit from the warden or Ranger at the entrance of the parl Bharatpur. It is built by Raja Suraj Mal was there known as Loha Gadh and proved to the impregnable. Bharatpur by tempo traveller . Government Museum- The museum in the fort houses sculptures, inscriptions and exhibits of art and culture of the region. While you are on your way to bharatpur in rajasthan on our tempo traveller you will be able to see various siteseeing spots on the route. The sculptures speak volumes about the art and culture that flourished here in those times and help in tracing the inscriptions which are of immense historical value and help in tracing the royal lineage and local life.

Our Services to Bharatpur by our luxury tempo traveller which will provide you a Good experience tours. We offer 9 Seater tempo 12 Seater tempo 15 Seater tempo hire and you will good price rates for the tour to bharatpur. We want very comfortable the trip for our client and want to present and best services for client . The tempo traveller has huge space for suitcase and luggage in back side big diggi and on the roof carrier for the luggage. All traveller is modified is in India by best transport vehicle company Sell Delhi traveler. If you think the number of person are below 6 and you want a smaller vehicle to rent for your tour to bharatpur you can also opt for innova car on rent from delhi to bharatpur. Innova car is a very comfortable vehicle for small group to travel you can rent innova car for tour to rajasthan.

GANGA MANDIR (TEMPLE) : Maharaja Balwant Singh  created a local attraction in bharatpur which was started the construction of this temple in 1885. This temple was built with the efforts of all the people staying in the state. Maharaja Balwant Singh said that all the people from the state should contribute in the making of the temple in this way each person used to pay one month of his salary of the year in construction of the temple. The temple is a beautiful piece of architecture and a nice place to be visited while you are on your tour to bharatpur. 

LAXMAN MANDIR : The name Laxman Mandir reffers to the brother of Shri Ram and dedicated in the name of Laxman which is a very beautiful place to visit in Bharatpur. The tour from delhi to bharatpur gives a beautiful attraction of this temple. This temple is famous for beautiful stone work with elaborate carvings from doorways to ceilings, pillars, walls and arches. 

KEOLADEO GHANA NATIONAL PARK :Bharatpur is majorly a tourist attraction known because of the National park known as Keoladeo Ghana National Park, This bird paradise has beautiful birds all over the park and hundreds of birds can be seen in this park. Hiring a tempo traveller or innova car for Bharatpur national park is a good option for tourist as it has lots of things to be seen and explore by your own vehicle.This place acquired its name –Keoladeo because of the existence of the Keoladeo temple of Lord Shiva. After the name of this temple the lake is called ‘Ghana’ Keoladeo. Ghana being the vernacular synonym for dense forest. It was known as the best duck shooting resort during the British reign, but was declared a reserve for birds in 1956 and later upgraded to a National Park. UNESCO has listed it as a world heritage site.

Below is the Distance chart for Bharatpur from Nearby places and tourist attraction which will be helpful for you to understand the distance while you book a tempo traveller or innova car for your tour to bharatpur.

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Distance Chart to near by place from Bharatpur by Tempo Traveller

Jaipur to tempo traveller bharatpur 3 hours 10 mins 183 km
Delhi to tempo traveller bharatpur 2 hours 51 mins 198 km
Agra to Tempo traveller bharatpur 1 hour 6 mins 57.8 km
Mathura to tempo traveller bharatpur 51 mins 40.3 km

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