Per Day Kilometer limit?

selldelhi Staff asked 3 years ago

What is The per Day Kilometer limit in Tempo Traveller ?

1 Answers
selldelhi Staff answered 3 years ago

When you are hiring a tempo traveller there is a limit for which vehicle has to be paid. This does not means that you have to run the vehicle for the limit for one day but means that the total number of days for which you are hiring a vehicle for those total number of days the vehicle run should be for those total number of K.M or the minimum charge will be for that K.M is to be paid. Minimum 250 km per Day limit is to be paid when you are hiring a Tempo Traveller .

For Example

Vehicle need to be hired for 5 Days
Per Day Limit is 250 K.M
So 5*250 = 1250
Total per K.m charge for example is 18 Rs Per K.m so the total amount which is to be paid except driver,toll,state tax is 1250*18=22500. If the vehicle runs more than 1250 K.M per K.M charge will be extra.

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