What do you mean by state Tax ?

Tempo Traveller Staff asked 3 years ago

I would like to know about the state tax which is to be charged during hiring a tempo traveller what is it and how it is diffrent from diffrent states. Who has to pay the state tax

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selldelhi Staff answered 2 years ago

Every state charges its own state tax. So whenever a vehicle visits from one state to another state a tax is being collected by that state. This tax is called state tax. For example if you are visiting Manali from delhi in that case you have to pay state tax for Haryana, Punjab & Himachal Pradesh. As the vehicle will pass from delhi and in between it has to cross the borders of Haryana and Punjab the tax of all the three states are to be paid. State Tax & Toll Tax are two different things so dont get confused between the two things. Both are charged separately. You can know more details about what tax will be charged by getting a quote from our team.

selldelhi Staff answered 2 years ago

Below are the price chart of State Taxes for Tempo Traveller
Visiting Uttar Pradesh by tempo traveller : Rs. 500 will be charged for each day if your tour includes uttar pradesh in between this tax has to be paid.
Visiing Rajasthan by tempo traveller : Rs. 500 Rs Per day will be charged for visiting Rajasthan for each day.
Uttaranchal State Tax for tempo traveller : Rs. 500 Per Day is the state tax for uttaranchal.(additional Uttar Pradesh tax will be charged if visiting from delhi)
Madhya Pradesh State Tax for Tempo Traveller : Rs. 300 Per Day + Rs. 1000
Punjab State Tax for tempo Traveller : Rs. 600 Per Day, Extra entre fee may be charged accordingly of 50 to 100 Rs.
Himachal State Tax for Tempo Traveller : Rs. 2400 is Himachal State Tax which is charged for a complete month so this tax is to be paid in advance to get releif from waiting for long ques.

Jammu & Kashmir State Tax : Rs. 250 Per Day for number of days staying in Kashmir

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